Paintings & Sketches

Royal Turkey

Creation Number 1: “Royal Turkey”


2017-06-17 19.30.22

About the name: In Spanish, a peacock is called “Pavo Real”, which means Royal Turkey.



Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Savana, and I am starting this blog as a creative outlet for my very busy life. I have a wonderful job, and I love it very much. Honestly, I probably love it a little too much, which is why I have become a self-provoked workaholic.

While I appreciate that I can be happy working too much, I also realize that all that time working will eventually catch up to me. Whether you love your job, or you hate it, you’ve probably gotten wrapped up in your job at some point or another. Sometimes we get so caught up that we forget to leave enough time or energy to take care of ourselves.

We all need to find outlets in our lives that we can use to recharge. For me, that outlet is built on my creativity. I draw, I write songs, I design houses, I create graphics, and I try to take advantage of any opportunity I have to create things… simply because I enjoy it. However, despite how much I enjoy honing in on my creativity, I often exhaust all of my energy on other things.

This blog is meant to serve as my reminder to give myself time to recharge through creativity… and maybe I can even give some other people ideas and inspiration for recharging themselves. My plan is to post at least once each week. Each post will include something I have created. That creation may be a song; it may be a house; it may be a drawing; it may be a story; it may be something that today’s imagination hasn’t even dreamed of yet. I make no promises that each or any of these creations will be awe-worthy, but I can promise myself that I will at least make the time to recharge. I hope that you will join me in recharging yourselves, as well!